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  • Traffic law
  • Trustee
  • Real estate
  • internationally advising economically
  • Criminal law
  • Labour law
  • Family
  • Immigration law
  • General civil law
  • Succession

Traffic law:

Cars on a highway in the U.S.
GregReese / Pixabay

Traffic law is extensive and complex. Often the driver’s license has to be saved, also the handling of a traffic accident – which at first seems uncomplicated – is a focus of my work. We also help with legal questions regarding car purchases or infringements in the area of
Traffic law (criminal law and
orderly ambiguities).

Especially in the event of a threat of driving ban and/or withdrawal of a driving licence, it is important to receive quick, competent and above all uncomplicated help.

  • Accident regulation (domestic and international)
  • Casco insurance (full insurance/partial insurance)
  • Traffic criminal law and fines
  • Alcohol and drug driving, driver evasion, coercion
  • Driving disqualification and driving ban
  • Speed ingestion, distance undershoot, red light
  • Driving licence law general
  • Points account (reduction)
  • MPU, reissue of driving licence
  • Driving licence on probation, foreign driving licence