For almost 50 years, we have been advising and representing the interests of our clients in Düsseldorf and far beyond.

The firm has been run by lawyer Thomas Weck alone since 2004 (RA Dr. Jörg Weck has since retired).

We are one of others. international law firm specializing in traffic law but also with a focus on commercial law.

We develop tailor-made solutions to help you achieve sustainable economic success. We support through legal work at the highest level, think focused, act efficiently and develop creative and reliable solutions.

Our dynamic team works personally, independently and efficiently.

In addition, I am specialized as a specialist lawyer for traffic law. Whether it’s a fine notice, a threat of a driving ban, a traffic accident or a dispute when buying a car – talk to us.

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Specialist lawyer for traffic law

Thomas Weck

Lawyer Thomas Weck
Specialist lawyer for traffic law
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