The civil trial

Civil proceedings are the procedure of ordinary courts in civil disputes. Here are several examples:

  • The buyer of a car wants to get his money back because it is an accident car,
  • the tenant wants to reduce the rent because the landlord does not correct any defects indicated,
  • a victim of a traffic accident claims damages and compensation for pain from the opposing insurance company,
  • there are inheritance disputes within a family,
  • the separated wife with child demands child and separation maintenance from her husband, as well as divorce of the marriage and compensation of the goods/gain.

If you cannot reach an out-of-court settlement, you have to bring your right to court. That is what the law provides for.

If there is a legal dispute, you should not go to the court without legal assistance. In many cases, the legal requirement for lawyers is also required by law. It is often enough for the lawyer to ask the opponent to pay out of court and set deadlines to avoid civil proceedings. Even in the sense of a reasonable and reasonable agreement, the lawyer is always the right partner.